International Elevator Commerce s.l is a Spanish company of services that gives spare parts of elevators, escalators & platforms to achieve a freedom on the market that is necessary for the good funcitoning of all . For it we have the whole series of resources to confront this ambitious project. We are present in the city of Sabadell - Barcelona with a novel scale of genre . Our speciallity is multinational components . So much it is so every day we extend our stock to offer a better dealing to those who trust in us . We have a wide experience in the sector of the elevation and in this moment we export to any country in the world. The problem of its elevators worry us and we will try to help you in everithing what is in our hands. Prove us and we make sure that you will repeat.

Elevator Commerce
Frederic Soler 142
08205-Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain)
Vat Number : ESB65900201


Tel: +34 937121881